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  • We have three Italian courses on our programme: A half day course explaining the essential techniques for making pasta, risotto and seasonal pesto, plus two full day courses exploring the regional ingredients and classic dishes of Northern and Southern Italy.

    Northern Italian Cookery

    Northern Italy is known for its rich, flavourful dishes using the produce of the mountains and woods. This course features the wild mushrooms and game of Piedmont, a fish dish from Venice and the ever-popular cantuccini 'biscotti' that follow every meal in Tuscany. Pumpkin and chestnuts are two ingredients that we use rarely in the UK but are hugely popular in Italy. The two pasta dishes on this course will demonstrate why.

    Dishes on this course typically include:

    Chestnut Tagliatelle with Wild Mushrooms
    Hake Agrodolce (sweet & sour)
    Pumpkin Risotto with Sage
    Ravioli di Fagiano (pheasant)
    Cantuccini di Prato with Vin Santo

    Techniques covered on this course include:

    • Bread making by hand - preparing, proving and shaping the dough
    • Pasta making including rolling and cutting the tagliatelle
    • Risotto technique and pumpkin preparation
    • Fish preparation
    • Making the ravioli filling.
    • Ravioli - technique for cutting, shaping and cooking
    • Biscuit method and baking

    The above dishes are representative of the recipes taught on this cookery course. However, Swinton Park Cookery School reserve the right to change any or all of these dishes, as circumstances require.

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Italian Cookery: Northern - Cookery School Day Course

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