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  • Game is one of Britain's most delicious natural ingredients and one for which the Swinton Estate is justifiably renowned. From pheasant, partridge, grouse, pigeon and wild duck, to rabbit and venison there is a breadth of choice to suit every taste and budget. Being lower in cholesterol and fat than most meats, it is a healthy choice too.

    Game is extremely versatile and can be used in wide variety of dishes from traditional roasts and casseroles to terrines, tagines and curries. In the past, people have been put off by concerns about strong taste, tough meat and fiddly bones but these are all easily avoided with some simple guidelines.

    Stephen Bulmer's game cookery course will delight both experienced game chefs and novices with his delicious recipes and  professional tips for making game easy to prepare, cook and serve. 

    Dishes typically covered in this course include:

    Venison Stew
    Game Parfait
    Roast Partridge with Garlic Confit
    Roast Pheasant with Watercress and Lentils
    A selection of rabbit dishes
    Bread Sauce
    Game Chips
    Fondant Potatoes
    Celeriac Purée
    Quince Purée
    Savoy & Red Cabbage
    Braised Endive

    Techniques covered by this course include:

    • What to look for when buying game
    • The effects of hanging
    • Plucking, skinning and butchery
    • Cooking techniques, use of bones for sauce base
    • How to tell when meat is cooked, resting and keeping meat moist
    • Portioning birds before serving, for ease of eating
    • Making the finished sauce and flavouring variations
    • Preparation of traditional accompaniments

    The above dishes are representative of the recipes taught on this cookery course. However, Swinton Park Cookery School reserve the right to change any or all of these dishes, as circumstances require.

    Please Note:
    If you are looking to book a course within 48 hours of the course date, please call Swinton Park on 01765 680900 so we can confirm places are still available. 

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Game Cookery - One Day Cookery Course

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