• Italian Cookery for Beginners - Half Day Cookery Course

    Cookery Course

  • We have three Italian courses on our programme: A half day course explaining the essential techniques for making pasta, risotto and seasonal pesto, plus two full day courses exploring the regional ingredients and classic dishes of Northern and Southern Italy.


    An introduction to Italian cookery, covering the core techniques that are the cornerstones of so many well-loved dishes while creating a delicious three-course lunch.

    Dishes covered in this course typically include:


     Pasta making techniques

      Classic risotto and variations

    Pesto and seasonal variations

    Zabaglione with seasonal fruit

    Bacci di Dama
    ‘Ladies Kisses’ – hazelnut and chocolate
    biscuits from Perugia 


    Techniques covered in this course will include:

    • Making pasta, explaining the different types and ingredients
    • Cutting and shaping pasta – tagliatelle, ravioli and tortellini
    • Making pesto and how to keep it’s fresh colour
    • Making risotto, with explanation of the different types of risotto rice
    • Making zabaglione
    • Biscuit making technique

    Please Note:
    If you are looking to book a course within 48 hours of the course date, please call Swinton Park on 01765 680900 so we can confirm places are still available.

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Italian Cookery for Beginners - Half Day Cookery Course

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