Solve your Christmas Gift problems with Swinton Park Gift Vouchers

We all struggle to find the perfect present - but there's bound to be a Swinton Park experience to solve the problem!

The Swinton Park Online Shop offers a wide range of gift vouchers and Swinton gifts, as well as online cookery course bookings. Gift vouchers are valid for 6 months from date of purchase. The recipient will need to make a booking on receipt of the voucher.

Should you wish to book a voucher for a date-specific event, such as a garden lunch, cookery course or gourmet weekend, either for yourself or for another, you need to book the event by date at the relevant Garden Lunch, Cookery School course or Gourmet Weekend page.

For any queries about booking a cookery school course or voucher, please contact cookeryschool@swintonpark.com (01765 680969). For all other voucher bookings (hotel, dining, activities and spa) please contact reservations@swintonpark.com (01765 680966).